Legal Poetry Gazette

Legal Poetry Gazette

The Dance of Justice

In the court, where rights take flight,

Justice dances in the light.

Scales balanced, blindfolded sight,

Guiding truth through day and night.

Laws as threads, woven tight,

Upholding fairness, shining bright.

Lady Justice, with all her might,

Dispensing what is just and right.

Though the road may twist and bend,

Justice remains a faithful friend.

With every verdict, we amend,

Seeking justice until the end.


The Contract's Tale

In ink and parchment, a story unfolds,

Binding words, in clauses, it holds.

A contract's tale, of bargains and deals,

Where promises thrive and breach reveals.

Signatures penned, a solemn vow,

Legal bounds that none may disavow.

Rights and duties, meticulously laid,

In the contract's embrace, we're swayed.

Yet within its lines, lies more than law,

A narrative of trust, without a flaw.

For in honoring what we agree,

We build a world of integrity.


The Trial's Symphony

In the courtroom's theater, a symphony plays,

Each note a testimony, in myriad ways.

Lawyers conduct, with arguments ablaze,

Seeking truth in the legal maze.

Witnesses testify, their stories unfold,

Each word a melody, both timid and bold.

Judge as conductor, impartial and wise,

Guiding proceedings 'neath judicial skies.

And when the verdict resounds, like a final chord,

Justice prevails, its melody restored.

The trial's symphony, a testament profound,

To the rule of law, in justice we're bound.